Man is a child of his environment.                               Pollution should never be the price of prosperity.                                 Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed.                                   If we do not act soo, the Earth’s fragile environment will evolve beyond us. Then we will all die. The Earth will go on without us.                                    Eventually we’ll realize that if we destroy the ecosystem, we destroy ourselves            

Shri Sanjiv Kumar,IAS
Chairman, DPCC




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Tranfer of Subsidy Amount(20/03/2015).

Tranfer of Subsidy Amount.

Report of Local Commission in OA 21/14 Vardhman Kaushik VS UOI.

Public Notice.

Draft Action Plan for Management of Municipal Solid Waste.


Please forward your complaint against illegal/ unauthorised burning of (Plastic waste / General waste) in open in the NCT of Delhi.Please upload photograph with address of location regarding illegal/ unauthorized burning.

Water Cess Notification dt. 06-05-2003.

NGT Matters / Orders .

Office Memorandum regarding area distribution amongst CBWTF.

Report of the Committee constituted by Hon'ble National Green Tribunal vide order dated 25-9-2013 for functioning of Restaurants/ Hotels in NCT of Delhi in proper manner without causing pollution.

Annual Property Returns.

Empanelled Laboratories.

Notification on Ban of Plastic Bag dated 23/10/2012 in NCT of Delhi.

Standards for Hotels, Restaurants, etc.





Our Mission

  • We are committed to Sustainable Development by ensuring improvement in "Environmental Quality" of National Capital "Delhi" through partnership with all Stakeholders.

  • Prevention of air, water and noise pollution and conservation of natural resources.

  • Continual improvement in our environmental performance, providing a better quality of life to Delhites.

  • Efficient and effective waste management practices to ensure that we reduce, reuse and recycle all types of Waste.

  • Improvement in workplace environmental quality by adopting simple energy efficient practices like CFL, solar water heating, natural lighting, green buildings low energy equipments etc.

  • Environmental awareness among all Stakeholders towards rain water harvesting, water recycling, composting, carpooling, use of metro and bicycles instead of petrol/ diesel vehicles.

  • Mitigate climate change by ensuing that carbon emissions are checked and reduced by every one, in their daily lives.

  • Compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements to ensure environmental protection.


Shri Sanjiv Kumar,IAS
Secretary(Environment & Forest) cum Chairman,
Delhi Pollution Control Committee

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